Formula documentation

Is there a documentation available how the formulas work? It would be great if there are also simple, working examples in that documentation?


Hi @micck, the documentation is coming soon. We will probably add one simple help doc today. but we’ll also be preparing some more detailed explanations.

Basically, we could have waited to have the complete documentation ready - which would probably take weeks as this is a complex feature - to release formulas, but we ultimately decided to release the feature faster and gradually work on the documentation.

In the meantime, what I can tell you is that these formulas are taken from a standard formula library used by Google Sheets and Excel, so until our help documentation is here, and you’re stuck with a certain formula, you can take a look at their help documentation. Not the ideal solution but a quick interim solution until we have our own documentation ready.

Here is the link to the formula documentation / help doc:

Hi @micck, thank you for posting the article here! Good idea to do so. :slight_smile:

I was actually waiting for you to post it. until I contacted the chat support today asking for it I did not know it was somewhere online.

My bad, I was planning to post it but got sidetracked that day and never got around to doing it. :grimacing: Thanks again!