Formula, lookup, rollup, and other computed Attributes

I am coming from Airtable and think you guys are doing a great job. One thing I would love to see here that Airtable has is an attribute that allows you to create formulas. See link for more details.



Hey @mjscheerer!

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Thank you very much for your kind words.

Oh definitely: Formulas are in the plans for Q2 2020. Looking forward to them, a lot.

BTW. We do have a basic summary feature.

In Table View, under each ‘Number’ attribute you’re using, you can hover your mouse and ‘Table summary’ functionality will show, with basic options like Sum, Average, Min, Max, etc.


But no lookup out roll up features were mentioned.

Hi there, could you please confirm if the rollup feature something that we can use within Start Infinity?

Hello @rhodarbbrain, welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, rollups are not yet available inside Infinity. Sorry to disappoint you. :confused:

Just wanted to add another voice to this - rollups or simply a count of the number of items in a folder is really useful.

+1 for rollup feature :slight_smile:

Is it on the roadmap?
I’m trying to switch from Airtable, and lookup/rollup are a dealbreaker for me…

Hey @Intuitive_Solutions welcome, we are happy to see you here. :partying_face: :clap:

As our colleague @Jovana mentioned above, rollups/lookups aren’t yet available inside Infinity. However, it is something that we are considering implementing in the future. :+1:

In the past few months - we’ve been getting a lot of requests for those features, so we will try to give them a bit more priority and hopefully see them move from community’s voice to our official roadmap. :crossed_fingers:

Cheers :v:

Yes I agree, I really can’t leave airtable until this has roll-up features :frowning:

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i also want to vote for adding mapping function or lookup function. it was quite disappointing that this basic function has not been implemented in Infinity.

it is 5 months after Kendra10000’s comment. is there any progress on resolving this?


+1 - also important to our business if we are ever to leave Airtable behind.


Can we please have this ? I think to be a proper Airtable alternative this is essential.

See here:

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Hi @digitalprofitsza ,

Thank you so much for all your suggestions guys, I’ll do my absolute best to add additional importance to our internal suggestions so that I can potentially push this forward and get our team to have a meeting about them.

I personally believe its time for these options to move to our roadmap, so I’ll see if our team agrees with me, so that we know that we will officially move them to our roadmap and plan the implementation / development process in general.

Once again, thank you for all your requests / suggestions :pray:

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