Formula with Zero value returns #Div/0!


I am creating a basic formula to work out the $ value of a percentage of a invoice
The percentage is usually 10%, 5%, 2% or 0%.

The excel formula would normally be Value * % = % Value for example $1000 * 10% = $100

but in Infinity that formula doesn’t work BUT value ($) / Retention (%) = Retention Value does work.

But when I use Zero as the % value I get #Div/0! as the answer

What am I doing wrong ?




Hi @Chris6, first of all - welcome to our community forum, we are happy to see you here :+1:

And now, regarding the formula, I have actually tested this, I also used “multiply” formula, however - the desired result wasn’t there, same goes with what you have said, if you use dividing option, especially with 0% - it shows - #div/0! as the answer - which is problematic. I’ll put this all in one ticket and report it to our team as a small but frustrating bug.

Workaround I can provide you with is this, instead of using % as the format of the “number” attribute, I would suggest using “decimal” format and writing percentages like this:

  1. 5% = 0.05
  2. 10% = 0.10
  3. 2% = 0.02
  4. 0% = 0.00

Now, you can use the basic multiply formula and get the desired number, for example:
100$ x 0.05 = 5$


Let me know if that helps :pray:



Hi Marko

Yes came to same conclusion and did the same as you suggest. The divide option only worked on 10% not sure why…

Thanks for your help