Formulas - Between Columns

Would be great, if we could get a calculation that work outs days, if i set a start and end date, populate another column with amount of days between, that i could then use to multiple by say a day rate for a freelancer, that then calculates the total amount they cost for that duration of work, this would be amazing for my line of work where i’m working with freelancers all the time!

Hey @andrew.melsom,

I absolutely agree with you.

Formulas are on the medium to high priority right now, and hopefully we can start working on them from around mid April. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the question.


Honestly @coa , I have found a lack of rich formula support one of the main reasons that I have not been able to move my content over to Infinity. I would really like to see this support added, but it sounds like it could be a ways down the road.

An example formula that I am using in Notion is below, but this formula also relies on formulas in other columns to produce the Visa Start and End dates. It also requires being able to create a date object from a string to use in the calculations.

(prop(“Country”) == “Portugal”) ? max(dateBetween(smallerEq(prop(“Departure Date”), prop(“Visa End”)) ? prop(“Departure Date”) : prop(“Visa End”), largerEq(prop(“Arrival Date”), prop(“Visa Start”)) ? prop(“Arrival Date”) : prop(“Visa Start”), “days”) + 1, 0) : 0

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Hi @mike.shappell!

Long time no hear :slight_smile: I really hope the team can make this a priority, I’ve been tried to push this as a high priority feature to build.

I believe it got scored 7.5/10 in the most recent meeting regarding this matter (Impact, Confidence, Ease scoring). So I’m optimistic it could be done in the next 2 months.


This would be an amazing Feature. Kindly ask to make this a priority.

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Here is an example of one of my formula used for generating a number sequence to enable auto prioritisation of tasks.

“Missing Data”,0,
:scream: Overdue”,0,
:hugs: Active”,1,
:pensive: Backlog”,2,
:confused: Blocked”,3,
:zipper_mouth_face: Closed”,4

IF(OR({Priority} = “”,Status = “Closed”),


IF(Rank = “”,


IF({Date Closed} != “”,
IF({Due Date}="",

Another example is too big to post, in this other instance i have created a custom status that generates based on which fields have been filled in, and which have not, with specific routing for particular attribute values.

@coa Can you please add the feature request to the formula attribute, which is having a code editing window with the ability to create new lines and show indents in the code. Only way to manage larger formulas.

even more awesome in addition to formulas would be some pre-set formulas for common things (like setting due dates so many days away from another date or highlighting a cell on the day its due and after) that you can easily just click instead of having to type a formula. you wouldn’t have to know how to type a formula, you would just choose the option for “Set Due Date” or something where you just fill in the amount of days or “highlight due date” where you choose the color you want it to be. (for us dummies who aren’t so good with formulas). That would SO set you apart and make Infinity much more user friendly than Airtable. Good selling point.


thanks @BrandiMills97,

your feedback is highly appreciated and of a great value to the team :slight_smile:

i’ve shared all of it with the team. thank you!


Hi all,

I am starting to like the apps! Perhaps the team can start with simple formula where we can calculate taxes or multiply the number of units with the per unit price into another column to display the total? Just a thought.


Hey @ikh, welcome to the community!

We’re starting to define the Forumlas feature, which means that soon it’s going to be ready for design, and then for development.

Here’s a link to the Feature in Infinity you can vote and share you feedback in the comments section.