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I’m having issues with trying to calculate the number of workdays between two dates: Work Stoppage Start and NOW formula [for the following examples, NOW is using today’s date: 12/15].

I have two columns: Days [formula att.] & Work Stoppage Start [date att.]

Originally, I was only counting total days, not just workdays. The formula I used was working perfectly fine.
DAYS(NOW(),Work Stoppage Start):

However, to provide a better look at how many days we were actually affected by the work stoppage, I decided to use NETWORKDAYS formula, instead of DAYS:
NETWORKDAYS(NOW(), Work Stoppage Start):

Obviously, that was not the solution. Then, I noticed that technically, the start date and end date were switched. So I switched them:
NETWORKDAYS(Work Stoppage Start, NOW()):

Well, that wasn’t right either! There’s 1 day between 12/14/2021 and 12/15/2021 (today), not 3.

Out of curiosity only, I wondered what the DAYS formula would do if the start date and end date were also switched like the above:
DAYS(Work Stoppage Start, NOW()):

Am I doing something wrong? Please don’t tell me I have to make ANOTHER column with only the NOW formula.



Hey there @tsanderson, good to see you back :wave:

Alright, so I did go through this, I recreated the whole concept on my end and from what I can see and understand my results seem to be just fine, I do get everything calculated just right by using this specific formula: NETWORKDAYS(Work Stoppage Start, NOW())

If I decide to switch things around, NETWORKDAYS(NOW(),Work Stoppage Start) -> then i get wrong results.

Here’s a screenshot from my side:

In the screenshot above, you can see that I do have dates that are 1 day or two days from now() formula, aka todays date 17/12/2021 and it calculates it correctly.

Correct results should be on: “workdays in work stoppage” column, while wrong results should be in “workdays” column.

I did try to play with different date formats, that did not change or mess with anything as well.

I can maybe suggest doing something like this:

  1. remove formula attribute completely, create a new one and test it again
  2. test this use case in a completely new board.

Please - let me know if any of the suggestions above help you! :v:

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