Formulas should be processed only when the involved fields are filled

Example: if I have a date field with “Birth Date” and a formula field with “Age”, the age should be calculated only when the birth date is filled. Currently, the formula returns “#VALUE!” when the referenced field is empty, which is not practical.
I suggest that you take a look for example to the software “Claris Filemaker”, where the formulas work this way, which is much better to the user (is there’s no data on the referenced fields, there’s nothing to calculate, so the result of the formula should be empty).

Hi @joao.jesus :wave:

That is true, things like that happen (same as in excel or google sheets when something is missing), the same would happen if you tried to calculate a difference between two dates, however - you can use IF formula to decide what you want to print out in certain cases.

We introduced new version of formulas - hyperformula (which should work better and be closer to the version of google sheets / excel ) recently, so we will see if after that we can focus on other aspects of formulas, just like this one, and bring much more control to the end user.

Thank you :v:

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