Freeze the first (or multiple) columns / fields in a table?


Is it possible to freeze the first column / field (at least) of a table? I believe Airtable does this — and it does make working with records / rows easier.



Hey @robbchadwick.

We have ‘Pin a row or a column’ feature in the pipeline :slight_smile:

An estimation is that we can start working on it this summer.


Was just about to post that same request. + 1


Super-important for making sense of spreadsheet-like forms!

It appears to me that Column Titles row already “freezes” when scrolling down. (At least judging by the Contacts folder of the Sales CRM template.)

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Hey @kevin,

Yes, that’s the case in Columns View, and we’ll definitely allow option to ‘Pin’ rows in table/spreadsheet.

any idea when this will happen? it is driving me crazy when i have a lot of columns and i lose track of which job (row) i am looking at!

Hey @BrandiMills97, it in our roadmap as one of the next things that we will implement.

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Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that both Freeze/Pin Columns and Freeze Header functionalities are now implemented.

The header of your tables will automatically be ‘pinned’ as you scroll down.

And when it comes to columns, you’ll be able to choose which columns you want to pin - and you can even pin two or more if you wish. You will find the option to pin a column when you click on the name of the column:



I just tested the feature and really love it. It´s now much easier to navigate through big tables. Thank You!

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