Gallery View from Airtable


AirTable had a Gallery View, which I don’t see available in Infinity. It would be nice to have a similar view in Infinity. Is this is a critical, must have feature for me, no. However, I didn’t see it in the feature request list and wanted to get it on your radar.



Yes, that would be awesome. It wasn’t suggested in a feature request before because, as far as I remember, the team announced that they want to implement gallery view some (rather long) time ago. I guess other things came along the way. Anyway, it’s great you refreshed that idea!



One difference i would want to see that (airtable doesn’t currently have,) is that when you click on the gallery view image it can take you directly to a hyperlink as specified in one of the attributes of that item.

I.e. I run a Life Mastery Group at my work place, i use the gallery view to display shared content:

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Hey guys!

Yeah, hopefully, we’ll work on Gallery View in Q4 this year most probably.

Also, the current Kanban might be of a help. You can include only ‘Attachments’ attribute in a separate folder called ‘Attachments’.

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