Gallery View from Airtable

AirTable had a Gallery View, which I don’t see available in Infinity. It would be nice to have a similar view in Infinity. Is this is a critical, must have feature for me, no. However, I didn’t see it in the feature request list and wanted to get it on your radar.

Yes, that would be awesome. It wasn’t suggested in a feature request before because, as far as I remember, the team announced that they want to implement gallery view some (rather long) time ago. I guess other things came along the way. Anyway, it’s great you refreshed that idea!


One difference i would want to see that (airtable doesn’t currently have,) is that when you click on the gallery view image it can take you directly to a hyperlink as specified in one of the attributes of that item.

I.e. I run a Life Mastery Group at my work place, i use the gallery view to display shared content:

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Hey guys!

Yeah, hopefully, we’ll work on Gallery View in Q4 this year most probably.

Also, the current Kanban might be of a help. You can include only ‘Attachments’ attribute in a separate folder called ‘Attachments’.

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Any update on the gallery feature? Any action on it…when I look at the roadmap, I see it’s at 0…still reasonable to think it’ll be implemented this year?

Hello @robertgranholm! Unfortunately, I will have to disappoint you regarding this topic. :slightly_frowning_face:

As you’ve probably noticed, the Gallery view is still in the Planning stage of our roadmap. This means that we definitely plan to implement it, but it is currently not among the top priorities so it will probably not be implemented this year.

We had big plans at the beginning of the year (we still do), however, we have realized that our roadmap was probably a bit too ambitious for just one year. All the things you can see on the public roadmap (in the Roadmap folder) are still planned, just some will come sooner and some will have to wait a bit. Since we published the roadmap a few months ago, we also realized through the voting system what the majority of community members needs, what is crucial, what is nice to have, etc. So the Gallery view has just 50 votes for now, and there are many other features that have gained more traction and more votes.

As you probably know, automations have gained the most votes so far, and this is a huge feature that takes some time to develop, so we’ll first need to focus on that, and after we complete it, we will have room for new big features to add to the to-do list.

Hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:

I see this is a somewhat older conversation but hoping that does not mean it is a dead issue. In the road map I see that Gallery View has well over 100 votes now. This would be an amazing feature with so many uses cases, such as:

  • a visual staff directory
  • an image assets library for digital marketing team
  • a thematic photo contest using voting feature

I would do all three of these use cases for sure, and probably several more.

It is already possible to do a “pseudo-gallery” view using images in columns, but a true dedicated (and responsive) gallery view would be next level.


Hi @phil.oday :wave:

It most certainly isn’t dead, however - it will definitely take us a bit of time to think it all through and create it so that it can be useful to us and our whole user base - as you can see it is currently in the “planning” stage of our roadmap. Just as Jovana mentioned in her response - it was very ambitious of us to think that everything planned could be done in just one year, meanwhile - things can come up, roadblocks can happen, bugs can appear and so much more. Also if we consider importance, votes and ease of implementation - things can take a completely different turn in that sense. :man_shrugging:

Regardless, overall - progress on everything is noticeable, we are currently working on automations which are by far one of the most complex features we ever tried to implement, once that is done - we’ll start working on other features and slowly go down the list of everything we have planned.

Hopefully that gives you a bit more insight of what is happening, how things are going and what you can expect . :pray: