Gannt chart selection not working, some issues in calendar

In my projects I have a Start Date, Review Date, Due Date, and End date.

The calendar function has similar issues but at least shows things.

When wishing to select the data range to display, however, the system breaks down.

In calendar mode I can select from any of the 4 items. But the range end, I have no choice but to select “End Date”. End date for me is when the project finished, regardless of planned due-date

In Gannt mode, I can only select start date and end date. Since in a new data base I have no end date, this is not working. If I select end date (and use it as Due Date - It does seem to work).

It would be good to be able to pick the date ranges we want according to date labels we have created.


Hi @birgli, this seems very strange. It should definitely not limit you to only certain dates in your calendar and Gantt.

Could we continue this conversation via our chat support so we can get some more information from you and investigate this in more detail?

You can reach out to us whenever you have some time. Thank you!

Hi Jovana, by chat support are you referring to the lower right hand corner pop-up?

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