Gantt in Hours not Days

Hi, is there a possibility to see Gantt in “Hours” and not days ?
I’m a web developer and I have Gantt that I can exec/resolve in 1 hour (for example) so I want to write a series of tasks where set date start/stop in Day+Hours, like 15-10-2020 09:00 / 15-10-2020 10:00:100

For the moment I can see only Gantt in days.

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Hello @michel! I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you.

For now, you can’t see Gantt in hours. You can see it in Day, Week, Month, and Year view. Generally, the system doesn’t recognize a time range at the moment - you can add a date range with different times, but unfortunately you will not be able to see it as a time range on a Gantt chart or Calendar. :confused:

Just to add to this - that we also want to view our data as a GANTT in hours! it is very important for tasks that take up portions of our day. We are a media agency and need to view it like this. Otherwise, it is pretty useless :frowning: I assumed Infinity would have this. Wil it ever be added?

Hello @mike4, welcome to the community!

For now, this is not on our roadmap. A few people have mentioned it but it’s generally not such a ‘popular’ request just yet. Possibly we will think about this in the future, but for now it’s not planned. :pensive:

I realize this is an old thread — but I wanted to add a vote for hours in Gantt views. It really does make sense for planning short projects and conferences with multiple time slots / presentations, etc. There are probably many other uses as well.

I’m certainly not a programmer, so I have no idea how big a project it would be to add it. But I hope you will give it some thought.

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