GANTT integrate off days/ holidays/ etc

Well if the planning shifts. The planning needs to take account the special days like holidays/ aff days/ etc . Without this the gantt function is nothing more than a non-pro-gimmick

Hi there @project :wave:

Thank you for your input on this, I’ve added one additional vote to the already existing suggestion on our roadmap, you can check it out over here.

I do like this and hopefully well get to see it as a part of Infinity in the not so distant future.

Cheers :v:

Checking in if this is already implemented ?

Hey there @project :wave:

Unfortunately - no, it hasn’t yet reached our teams priority list, however - it is on our radar and hopefully our team will be able to get to it after they complete features and improvements they are currently working on.

If anything changes or once we release this - I’ll make sure to update you and this entire thread :pray:

Any updates Marko - the months fly by …