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functionalities in the near future?

Hi @project I am happy to see you here, thank you for joining our community forum :pray:

Regarding your request, it is a highly requested features and it is already on our roadmap, currently in the backlog, here’s where you can see it, they are basically task dependencies, which should contain finish to start, start to start, finish to finish and start to finish options when creating them (among other things).

Once we are done with automations ( “reminders”, “if this then that”, “recurring items”), which are our highest priority for now, we should then move features from backlog forward and start working on them.

The best advice I can give you it so periodically check our progress on all those features here so that you can get an idea of how soon something so coming :slight_smile:

We also have internal tickets for the days off / holiday / blocking / change start date (calendar view), which are hopefully going to be turned into proper tasks for implementation in the near future.

Hope that helps :pray:

P.S make sure you vote for the features you want on our roadmap, it will help us decide what to develop next :wink:

So any progress regarding this implementation?

And what about days off / holidays/ …

Hello @project, dependencies are now in ‘To Do’ section of our roadmap, which means we should start working on them soon.

Regarding the holidays, unfortunately, no progress to report, however with our automations I’m sure you can have some workarounds to separate workdays from holidays, days off. But for this, we would need a bit more details on your use case.