Gantt View? Finally? Really?

Hey, I see that Gantt view is finally live! Congratulations!!

Now… how does it work?

I can’t figure out how to view a Gantt timeline. I can create multiple items with start and end dates in List view, but they don’t appear in Gantt view. Is there a trick to this?


@coa was this ever addressed?

Hey guys!

I’m so sorry, but it seems like I’ve missed this question somehow.

The Gantt is used by having two Date attributes: ‘Start’ and ‘End’. Furthermore, you can choose in which specific ‘window’ or a ‘frame’ will you see your data (hour/day/week/month/year) - the size of the item will either shrink or expand, depending on which you have selected.

The configuration options are also good to use: Such as Group, or Filter.

I highly recommend using ‘Group’ as it will make your Gantt much more beautiful and colored.


I don’t understand how Gantt it’s work, I have some tasks with start date and endDate but when I go to Gantt view, It’s empty and I can’t choose enddate I have this message : ‘End Date already exists’.

Thank you.

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Hey @will.bypass,

Welcome to the CF.

In order to use Gantt View, you’ll need to have two date attributes already created.

So for example ‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date’, because Gantt shows a time period between those two dates.

To select those, you’ll need to click on both those fields,

where ‘Task Start Date’ (Select Start Date used to be written) and ‘Select End Date’ are right now.

Have you tried clicking on the ‘Select End Date’ and selecting the desired date attribute?

BTW. ‘End Date already exists’ is when you try to create an attribute with the same name with the existing one.

Hi @coa

Thank you for your response, I have already create endDate and fill in my tasks.
But when I want to choose the endDate in Date Range on Gant View the only field that I’m able to see is create end date.

So I can’t choose a range but In my tasks I have Start and end fill.

What is the attribute type for the End Date? Is it a date type?

Yes, it’s the date attribute.