Get date field to autofill to today's date?

Does anyone know if/how you can get the date field in a support ticket/form to autofill with the current date? Right now you have to click into it and select today’s date but it would be great if it would autofill.

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Currently what you are asking for is not possible - since it is a regular date field they will have to select a specific date they need / want and that will be a part of the item once they submit their response.

If you need to know the exact date of when the ticket was created - you can add our “created at” static attribute which will instantly display the date and time of the submission (item creation) in Infinity, after submitting the response. That specific date cannot be altered in any way shape or form - its only purpose is to show you when it was created.

Hope that helps at last a little bit :pray:

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