Give users the choice to assign Link attribute displays unique names

@Jovana @stefan

Please give users the choice to assign Link attribute displays unique names, so way we can name links whatever we need to clearly identify them for our purposes.

Why only limit Link attribute display choices to Titles, URLs and Favicons?

It would be great to facilitate the user’s ability to assign unique names to links - like we can do now with Link attributes in the modal.

It’s often the case that links to webpages are extremely long, and/or show no indication of what a webpage’s content is. It’s also not unusual for multiple pages from the same website to display no clearly identifiable information that indicates what the pages contents are, as is the case with Infinity for example.

I’ve included this post on the Public Roadmap in the comments for “Attribute | Link | Add URL Option [design!]”. It is under the To Do (Ready) column in the Roadmap folder. Hopefully it’s not too late to consider this and add it as a feature of the new functionality.

Fellow users, if you agree, please take a moment to add an upvote comment on the Roadmap:

Great idea, just added another supporting comment there

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Hi @chrish! Thank you for your suggestion. I will tag our product manager Jana on that item so she can check it out and see if it’s not too late to include it in the design (and if it’s possible, of course). :slight_smile:


That’s great! Thanks!