Gmail Integration

Hi there! I’d love to figure out a way to forward email threads in Gmail to a comments section for a row in Infinity. So if every row in my Infinity table is a client, I could forward emails somewhere so they get added as a comment on that client’s row. Basically, a way to easily track emails through infinity so I’m not copying and pasting emails constantly in the comments. Is there a way to do something like this?

Thank you!

Hi @stephanie

Unfortunately for now we do not have a native integration with Gmail, so such option would not be possible.

However, there are couple of different things you can achieve through our integration with Zapier (as an alternative), I would suggest checking that out and seeing if something could help you in this case.

One template that we have inside infinity is this:

However, there are some other triggers and actions you can pick and potentially make your use case:

(one of the options are to create a completely new item once you receive a new email)

Hopefully you can manage to work it out and achieve something close to what you are looking for.