Gmail + Zapier +Infinity - "Infinity no longer support / unsupported app"


As titled, I’m trying to setup email reminders / integrate gmail + Infinity via Zapier.
I’m getting an error that;
“Gmail has some additional requirements…your gmail data can only be sent to approved apps.
The app you are using (infinity) is no longer supported.”

Does anyone have a workaround / help / way to do this?

All I want to ultimately do is to somehow be able to send emails from my Personal Gmail acct, to Infinity.

I was trying to set it up where when I label an email with a label I created; “Convert to Infinity Task” in gmail; then zapier would use that label as its trigger to convert to an infinity item.

This is a pretty big feature I need & miss from my old task manager, so any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

I do have both Gsuite / Google Apps and personal gmail; as it stands now, my personal gmail is my main account.
In digging around to resolve this, I saw something about I might be able to use my Google Apps (Workspace? Workplace? Sheesh…) email, but NOT my free, Personal Gmail…argh!

But, if I could at least get my GSuite email to work with infinity, that would work for now…
Or what about IFTTT?



I beleive you can make a personal email in zapier so when you send to it it creates a record in infinity.

Perhaps this helps.

Ah ok I will try that… Thank You!

Hi @strativourakis :wave:

@john.cesta is correct, that should do the trick if not - know that zapier will not work with personal emails, but it should work with gsuite type of emails like your company email (in my case thats

Hopefully this will be sorted out in the future as we are slowly tackling our google integrations (google calendar, gdrive). Next one should be gmail or at least some kind of email integration. :crossed_fingers:

Hope that helps at least a little bit :pray:

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@john.cesta @marko

This worked!!

I was able to create a special / specific email in Zapier, and I can now email items directly into infinity!!!

Obviously someday I’d love for this to be integrated into Infinity, but this works great for now…
I’d say it’s about a 6/10 on the importance scale for me, personally…

Thanks for the help, so very much!!

Hey @strativourakis :wave:

Thank you so much for coming back to us and letting us know that this “workaround” works great for you, we really appreciate it.

Hopefully in the future this will be a much simpler process and you’ll be able to create items from emails easily, but we’ll have to wait and see. :crossed_fingers:

Cheers :v:

Welcome! Thank you for all your help & prompt responses here!

I think I’ve said it but it bears repeating for any lurkers;
The team at Infinity has been amazingly responsive and helpful in getting me on-boarded, running, answering questions, solving problems, etc.

Excellent experience!

The ability to email “stuff” directly into apps seems pretty common, so I would definitely like to see Infinity support it.

Where is the best place for me to post requests like this?

Thank you for all your kind words @strativourakis, it means more than you know :pray:

I do agree with you, it is a feature that’s missing, there are workaround but nothing beats native integrations, hopefully those will come soon and we’ll all be able to email “stuff” directly into apps.

Yes, there were requests like this in the past, however - our focus has always been on implementing other features which were labeled as more important to our team. Sometimes we should also consider the order we implement things in order to not work on certain things twice or more times for that matter.

You can find similar requests and other ones here on our roadmap (folder, communitys voice) :+1: (feel free to vote for the ones you like or think should be implemented/developed)

Hope that covers it all :v: