Goal tracking - OKR

Hi, I would love to see a Goal tracking feature that follows OKR methodology. I love how Clickup and Weekdone are doing it. But it would be even better if it is built in Infinity. Hope to see it in the roadmap soon. :wink:

Hi @nhathao, welcome to our Community Forum.

I’m 100% with you regarding OKR. I don’t remember much about ClickUp implementation but I like how Weekdone aligns company, department and personal Objectives.

You can see some thoughts on it here: How are Items/Folders/Boards/Workspaces linked?

Hey @nhathao, @man

Thanks for the input!

I’ll suggest this feature to the team, and hopefully, we can add it to the huge backlog for 2020 :slight_smile:

Also, your exact examples and ideas are always so useful.


I think I’m going to use infinity to build a replica of Goals by KeepSolid. They present a pretty good OKR system and aside from the mindmapping, I think everything else can be replicated in Infinity.

(@coa mindmapping is coming back at some point right? :grin:)

Anyway, if anyone else wants to give it a go, you can see the flow they used here: https://youtu.be/12TgG5z0bQw


Thank you @infinity.justs for sharing this. I missed it although I tried out Weekdone, Perdoo and Profit.co. From the video you shared it looks like we can already implement Objectives and Key Results (mind map is not essential to see the relationship but it would be nice to have in the future).
On a side note, I like how Perdoo implemented OKR’s (here’s their guide): to each Key Result you can add Initiatives which are like miniprojects whose aim is an attempt to achieve a Key Result.

The biggest struggle I see with implementing OKR’s within Infinity is:

  • linking tasks (or folders) to a given Key Result (they can be in a different board or even workspace)
  • linking quarterly OKRs with annual OKRs (I guess it’s doable now but I haven’t found an elegant way to do this)
  • automated progress tracking: eg. % of tasks done (summary in a column) are reflected in a KR outcome (which is in a different folder)
  • permissions: I’d like for everyone to see Objectives/Key Results but I’m a bit afraid that some of employees can unintentionally change values
  • visual reporting of KPIs and KRs

Anyway, I think the team has features mentioned above somewhere on the roadmap :slight_smile:


Hey guys! @infinity.justs @man

Thanks for the use case! I love it.

@infinity.justs yeah, we have the ambition to bring back mindmaps.

@man Perdoo did an amazing job, a good friend @richardjohnpaul suggested it a while ago, and I’ve noted down the features and put into the suggestions log.