Google Calendar Integration - How to Show Items from Sub-Folders?

I setup & have been loving Google Cal Sync with my Infinity!

BUT…one small snag…

I love the parent / child folder structure for my personal organization.
Let’s say I have Parent folder “A” and child folders “B + C”

Currently, I have Folder A items syncing seamlessly with Google cal - great!

But; how can I get subfolder / child folder items to show up in the same Google cal?

I tried configuring sync for one of the subfolders, but then it creates duplicates because it syncs everything from the parent as well as the child.

I don’t really want to do a one-way sync, because I’ll probably (definitely) forget & lsoe track of which folders are 1-way vs. 2-way, and I’ll get irritated I can’t update the infinity item from GCal. (which I mostly do from mobile)

Any ideas please?

Thank you!