Google Calendar Integration

it would be great to have google integration for tasks that have dates


Definitely, @es1!

Native integrations are in the roadmap after our integration with Zapier (which should be in May).

Thanks! :slight_smile:


@coa Has anything been done about Google calendar integration? I really can’y use Infinity much until that happens.

Hi Ashley, welcome to the forum! It´s not developed yet, but you can vote for it here on the new roadmap:

Hi @ashleyklippincott welcome! :slight_smile:

As @micck mentioned, this integration is not developed yet and is currently in the Community’s Voice section of our roadmap. Make sure to vote for it there so it gets more traction and perhaps gets implemented sooner.

However, you can currently connect Infinity and Google Calendar via Zapier - here’s the link to our Zapier page where you can explore the options: