Google calendar sync help

I follow the directions on how to sync a google calendar. But what I don’t get is where do the events go? Where are they stored?

Is it my assumption I should create all the fields for the events from google?

Should they be certain names and types?


Hi @john.cesta :wave:

Let me see if I understood this correctly, you are trying “one way sync” option from google calendar to Infinity, is that the case here?

Are you using our recently released google calendar Integration or are you trying to use Zapier?

Thank you :v:

Possibly related, I have connected my Google Calendar but after syncing multiple times nothing is showing in my Infinity calendar…

I have tried one-way and both ways, same result

thank you

I am using a 2 way sync with google integration. Nothing comes over.

I also have used zapier but the hours are off and so far no one has been able to find out why. All my time zones are correct and when it arrives in infinity it is 4 hours early.

Hi @john.cesta and @resoluteclarity thank you for your explanation, I have just created a ticket for our team and we’ll make sure to go through this and test it.

Once I hear back from the team, I’ll get back to you guys and update you on it.

Thank you for your patience and understanding :pray: