Google Drive Integration


Google Drive integration would be great for storage and workflow.



Hey @thethomasjfellows and welcome to the Infinity Community Forum :slight_smile:

We’ll most certainly include GDrive integration into one of our native integrations.

BTW. Merging GDrive with Infinity will also be possible with Zapier integration (which should be live in May). It’s almost here! :slight_smile:

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Direct integration to GDrive is critical - mainly around being able to drop files in there from GDrive and being able to view things like videos, PDFs, documents, etc. Zapier really doesn’t help us there. We have just switched over all our storage to Google Team Drives (UNLIMITED Storage - woo hoo) so this will be very important for us!

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Noted, @denny!

Thank you very much for this brief and for explaining the use case of the native integration with GDrive.

We really appreciate that :slight_smile:

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