Group by date starting furthest out

Hi there,

We’re just getting started with Infinity and I created a board to handle my projects and organize the to-dos. I set a view so I can my to-dos grouped by day and work through them from there. However when I group by the date attribute, regardless of whether I’m in Columns or List, it defaults to putting the dates furthest out first instead of starting today, tomorrow, etc. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug in the system? I can’t figure out how to change it.


Hi @Jason, unfortunately, this is how grouping by date currently works. But our plan is to eventually add sorting for groups as well. This is in the Planning stage of our roadmap - you can check it out and vote for it here.

In the meantime, you can also use Sort instead of Group option. This will allow you to sort your items by date from ascending to descending and vice versa. Although you won’t have groups, you can have a nice sorted list (or table) of tasks.

Hope that helps!