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Good morning !

I have an quantity of items in a Table view as shown in the attached image #Screen 01".
One of the attributes is “Marca” (Brand) and I wanted to group items by “Marca”.

The result is that I get several split tables, even for each “Marca”. I don´t know if this is how it´s supposed to display the items, but I would have expected a partial table for each “Marca” grouping all items of that “Marca” (instead of split tables for the same “Marca” according to other criteria).

Please, indicate if this is the expected way to display items.!
Thank you !


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@slides.controlesdisa This is a tough one without access to your board. Since you grouped by the attribute Marca, the table should have split out a section for FIREYE, COPES VULCAN, and any other brand you have as a label. Is it possible that you have the same FIREYE tag listed in the Marca attribute multiple times? Infinity is capable of creating the same label name and label color multiple times under the same attribute.

When I recreated the same labels and grouped by that attribute, my table view split out for each of those unique labels, even though they had the same name. If this is your issue, consolidate the duplicate tags and it will split out one section per brand label. Hopefully, this helps, if not we’ll try again. :smile:

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Hey @slides.controlesdisa,

First of all, thanks for sharing this.

This is indeed an unexpected turn of events.

I have to thank @veronica for answering at a quick pace. She’s absolutely right. If you haven’t created the same tag ‘FIREYE’ multiple times, then this is the bug with our ‘Group’ feature. I’m assuming that something might have broken due to the ‘Trello Import’ feature, as I see that your folder is called ‘Trello items’, which means you’ve imported your data from Trello.

I’ll check if something went wrong with our Trello import feature with our devs. But if that’s okay, make sure to share if you’ve created the same ‘FIREYE’ tag for the ‘Marca’ Label. :slight_smile:


Good morning Veronica/ Coa !

Regarding the Tags, I am sure that every one of them is just created once for that folder, and are unique lables.

Yesterday I noticed that display behavior, but I tried again this morning, and the “Group by” display feature worked just fine ! Now, every “Marca” has its own “Table” section as expected.
It seems that this minor bug was solved perfectly !

Regarding the Trello import, after importing the items I modified their attributes taking advantage of the much more versatile structure of INFINITY, which allows to use different “Tag” attributes for different things/ status, making it much more convenient to Group by different criteria and have separate views for each criteria.

I really appreciate your quick reply and the efforts in developing this awesome and versatile tool.

Thank you !

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Hi Veronica !

Thank you so much for your quick reply.
Please, see my complete answer to you and Coa above. Thank you !

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Hi Slides!

What an odd bug. But I guess it’s okay (for now) if it only happened once and has resolved itself. If it happens again, ping this thread. The underlying issue might still be there but won’t show unless under specific conditions. I’m just glad you’re able to use it.

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