Grouping by Assignees and Completed together


So i just had this idea that it would be useful if we could have the ability to Group by Assignees and Completed together. So there would be 2 columns per assignee for the tasks that they’ve completed or not. I think it would be really useful for tracking progress of each team member at a glance, especially for sprints, if it’s not too difficult to implement.


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Hey Filip,

thanks for the suggestion. There’s a workaround for this if you use tabs. Example:
If you use Folder or a Board Overview for a sprint, you can create Tab and set:

  • Filter to show only 1 member
  • Group by Completed

Then you can create multiple Tabs for multiple members.

We will also test the feature you suggested ‘multiple grouping’ and see if it makes sense for all group attributes.

Thank you

In Column view it would be nice if the user could change the assignee by drawing to a different column when grouped by assignee!

Ok, I found out how this works… I have to drag to the header… maybe it should also work when dragging to the area of the whole column…!?

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@stefan: In Column View it would also be great if sorted by Assignee to show the name of the Assignee in the Column header. Not every user has a picture for its user. Therefore they are hard to keep apart.

@coa Maybe I should write a new feature request for this or is it ok to reply to an old post?

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Hey @knuthake,

It’s totally fine to put it here :slight_smile:

I’ve taken the screenshot of everything you’ve proposed and shared them with my team.

They are in the process of being put into the backlog of features.

Also I’ve just showed your messages to our dev dedicated to the Columns view, and we’re on it :slight_smile:


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