Guest voting on public board

Hi there,
I’m just getting started with Infinity and loving it so far. I’m trying to move my public product roadmap from Trello to Infinity. I would like guest users to only be able to comment or vote on existing tasks and NOT be able to edit existing tasks or add new ones.

I’ve tried the different combinations of permissions for public boards but can’t find a way to allow voting for guests - am I missing a trick please?


Hi @gordon, welcome to the community! We’re glad to hear you like it so far. :slight_smile:

Yes, unfortunately, guests are not able to vote at the moment. Let me explain why this is problematic and we couldn’t allow it.

For example, we have a voting system on our public roadmap as well. Vote attribute works like this: one user can vote only once on a single item. If guests were able to vote, the system doesn’t recognize who this person is - and a guest could potentially just be able to refresh the page a vote for the same item 1000 times. Which would kind of defeat the purpose of voting.

Not sure if that makes sense, sorry to disappoint you. :confused:

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