Having Safari issues

As a new user, I’m really enjoying Infinity. But I use Safari as my primary browser for many reasons, mainly to avoid Google’s pernicious data collection using Chrome. But I’m finding numerous issues using Safari: drop down selection does don’t work well, or at all in some cases, and other little instances of incompatibility. I’ve deselected all possible content blockers, etc, so there are no browser restrictions preventing anything. All elements work perfectly in Chrome—but as I say, I’m a Safari user. Will you be cleaning these things up soon? I’m sure I’m not alone… Thanks.

Hello @garymcavoy, welcome to the community!

We have recently fixed several issues with Safari, but it’s possible that there are still a few lingering. However, I have just tested the drop-down on Safari (if you meant labels by that?) and it seems to be working fine on my end.

Would you be willing to get in touch with us via chat and let us know what other problems you’re having, and if possible share a screenshot or video of the issues with drop-down selection. We would appreciate it as we would be able to narrow down the issue and forward the information to our dev team.

Thank you!