Helpful Contextual Tooltips (Workspace, Boards, Folder, View, Attribute)

Airtable has a fantastic feature that allows bases and all their aspects to be described and explained with custom, user defined tooltips. This can make a base fully self explanatory, and provide training and guidelines in how to use and operate the base/board, for new users.

Especially important when sharing a board or view publicly, with a client/customer, or with someone who is unfamiliar with the layout, structure and meaning behind the data presented in the view.

Ambiguity is the enemy. It requires additional time and resources to train the group and each new additional group of users. Not to mention that as a board evolves the understanding of the user group must evolve along with it and remain consistent.

The lack of contextual description, helpful tips, guidelines and explanation also results in a greater barrier to adoption and learning for new users attempting to use the infinity templates for the first time.

I like the way airtable has done this, below is an example of my use case:

(On a side note. To record moving images as seen below i use ScreenToGIF. Free and opensource.)

I would like to see similar functionality in Infinity as i intend to share a lot of my work and for this to occur it must be self contained and self-explanatory for the most part. This is also essential for the Infiniverse and sharing high quality user created templates.

Can this please be implemented at each of these levels: Workspace, Boards, Folder, View

An excellent feature suggestion/request. I’m submitting a HUGE +1 for it.

The reasons for it @CodeKnight articulates are incredibly sound. Sound enough to put it very close to the top of the development priorities list.


Thank for the suggestion, @CodeKnight.

Great one, as usual!

I’d call this a sort of “tooltips” or help guides/icons.

Technically icons which would better describe both the features/functionalities + use case/flow of a member’s organization.

Added to the suggestion log.


Have edited and updated the descriptions with the word “Tooltip”. I think this more accurately describes what i am asking for.

The block description should open a popup window though as this requires a much larger explanation.

Would like to see Gifs and links to videos included in these tooltips, so that one can show how to use it in a visual format.

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