"Hide Empty Groups" doesn't work when "Filter" includes the same label as "Group"


I have a folder with contacts. The contacts each have a label defining what job/position they have.

I use the Group feature to group contacts based on this label. “Hide Empty Groups” is set to “off”, because I want to see the empty groups with no assigned contacts too. This works fine.

However, on a different tab I want to include only three of the groups, so on top of grouping by the label defining jobs I have set up the “Filter” feature to show only the groups of those three job labels I’m interested in.

When doing this, empty groups disappear from the tab DESPITE “Hide Empty Groups” being turned off.

This seem to happen only when filter and group uses the same label set.

Edit: I meant “filter” not “sort” :slight_smile:



Hello @jozii89

Thank you for the detailed explanation Jozii, we appreciate it. :+1:

This is actually something we are already familiar with and it is reported to our dev team. The task is currently in the backlog as they do have some other tickets with a higher priority, but rest assured this is going to be fixed in the future.

Thank you for your patience and understanding Jozii :pray: