Hide or Archive Board

I have a board that I’m not using on a regular basis so I don’t want it to show on my workspace. I do want to be able to access it when I need it, however (maybe once every 3-4 months). Is there a way to hide or archive a board so it doesn’t show on a workspace, but it’s still accessible?

Hi Richard, welcome to the forum!
As far as I know that´s not possible atm.
Though you could move it to another workspace and then move it back as you like.
Or you re-arrange your structure and have this board as a folder in a board. You can archive that. But I wouldn’t choose that option, because archiving is the pre-step to deletion. I think that´s why it´s called Trash and not Archive atm.

Hello @richard.greenland, welcome to the community!

@micck gave you some solid suggestions and I agree. Since archiving boards is not possible for now, perhaps the best option would be to create a workspace that would serve as an archive of sorts and there you can keep these kinds of boards. Of course, if you have a workspace to spare (I’m not sure which lifetime plan you are currently on).

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