How are your users logging in

We have approximately 50 users using our domain name. When I invite one of our users, they can see the invite. How do they log-in at a later time to participate. One keeps ending up an on-boarding screen as if a new startinfinity customer and it wants them to create a board. I just need for our users to log-in to see our workspace, etc. What am I missing?

Hi @startinfinity1 :wave:

Yap, I understand what you mean. Once they get an invitation email, they should click on the link and create their account through it. Now, we are aware of the onboarding step they have to go through. My suggestion would be to just let them finish the onboarding process, after they are done with it - they will be able to see workspace they were invited into and boards they are a part of.

If they have created an additional workspace/boards through the onboarding process, they can simply remove that and that will be it.

@marko, Thank You! Do you know if this is something that will change down the road? My fear is we are a non-profit with volunteers using the system…some of which are not to understanding of new technology lol. Perhaps just a link to create an account at some point in the roadmap?