How do I change the referenced field


Is there a way to change the field that is referenced in linked tables? I created a field that concatenates First and Last name fields to make a full name field. I would like to use the formula field to link the referenced tables but cannot find how to change it. Many people have the same first names and I don’t want to link the wrong records together.




Hi @uahardwick, welcome, we are stoked to have you here! :partying_face:

This might be a bit difficult, I am not sure I understand your whole use case here. From what I am seeing, you have one folder where you probably have patients (for example) and you have a “reference” attribute, that is going to link that one patient with their “primary contact” (which might be their mother, father, soulmate, bff and so on).

In that second folder (where your primary contacts are located) - wouldn’t it be simpler to edit the name of the person and add their surname to it, in that case you’ll be sure that you aren’t linking to a wrong person. Have you tried to do that?

Regarding formulas and references -> unfortunately they do not work together. Our formula attribute works with “labels”, “date” and “text” attributes for now. In the future, we’ll make sure to introduce other attributes to our formulas and allow you to achieve more complex use cases.

It might be hard to go over this on our community forum, so I would suggest messaging us via our live chat option where our agents can potentially help you with this (and explain how they work).

Live chat option could be found in the bottom right of your screen while on our website or while in infinity.

Cheers :beers::v: