How do you organize your projects?

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I wanted to share how we organize Infinity marketing at the moment.

Our goals are to:

  • Support users and keep them updated
  • Tell our story and build our brand
  • Launch beta on Web Summit
  • Prepare for ProductHunt launch
  • Support product

We use Infinity for project management and Slack for communication.

Our organization is divided by departments into 3 boards:

  • Marketing
  • Development
  • Business

Marketing board

Each marketing channel has it’s own folder, and tasks are divided into:

  • Blog
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Community
  • Web Summit
  • Promotion
  • Support

Tasks consist of the fields:

  • Done ( checkbox )
  • Review ( checkbox )
  • Name
  • Description
  • Sub-tasks
  • Label
  • Member
  • Date
  • Link

During the week, we’re constantly inserting new tasks into folders and label them with ‘Priority’, ‘Blocking’, ‘Valuable’ or ‘Wait’.

Currently, there are 4 members of the Marketing team, and we assign task almost immediately after putting it in the backlog.

After the task is completed it’s immediately marked done in Infinity.

We start each day with the standup, check workload for the day, brainstorm and define priorities.

This is how we operate at the smaller scale at the moment.

How do you organize your projects/teams/departments? :slight_smile:


I provide a board per projectteam, containing, Activities To Do, Activities In Progress, Activitities Done, Meeting, Actions, Issues,Decissions and Documentation.

To Do, In Progress, Done can by assigned due date and responsible, discussed and labelled (mainly for progress indication)

Meeting: members can post dated meetingpoint with attachments, and labelled for urgency

Actions and Decissions are for output of the meetings for follow up or documentation of meeting conclusions

Issues are to be resolved per date by responsible assigned

Documentation is for disucussion and consulting projectdocumentation (projectplan, guidances etc) but not for collaboration on editting documents.


That’s an outstanding structure, ton! I like it very much.

I did something very similar on my previous job.

In my opinion (and experience), this kind of structure seemed to work best using kanban methodology. More specifically, I used Trello as a tool to make this kind of work structure. It worked out pretty good, but I was still feeling like there’s more to it… That there’s something I’m missing out, or something that could have been better.

How about you? What project management tool did you use to structure your To Do, In Progress, Done, Meeting, Actions, Issues, Decisions and Documentations cards? :slight_smile:

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