How do you *quickly* mark an item as done / complete?

I recently noticed that the ‘x’ icon to delete an item has disappeared. I’m guessing this was done intentionally, but as a consequence it now takes two clicks to delete an item / mark an item as complete. Marking things as complete is a very common use case, so I have to imagine there’s a quicker way to do this that I haven’t caught onto. When I was on Trello (which also doesn’t have an easily accessible delete button) I used to move items to a “Done” column and then archive them at the end of the day, but I don’t see an easy way to do that either with Infinity. Any suggestions / workflow recommendations on how to quickly delete / archive / complete items?

Hi @smiklakhani, thanks for the question!

You can mark your item done in several ways, depending on what makes more sense for your work.

For example, you can add an attribute called ‘Checkbox’ to your items and call it ‘Done’, and then when you finish a task, just check the checkbox and you’re all done. For an even better effect - you can filter out to see only items that have an empty checkbox. That way, when you mark a task ‘done’, it will disappear from the view.

You can also create a label set and call it ‘Status’, then have labels To Do, Doing, Done, just like in Trello. Then you can move the items around by drag and drop. Once a task is done, just move it to the Done column.

Now all of this can seem a bit complicated, but you can also get on a quick call with us anytime, and we can show you in a few minutes how to set it up. Let me know if you’d be up for it. :slight_smile:

Hey @Jovana, appreciate the quick response!

I was aware of the checkbox but hadn’t thought about incorporating the filter along with that to hide the completed tasks - thanks for suggesting that!

I had also considered the “Done” column approach but my fear was that I was limited to 50k items on my lifetime plan. However, I just checked the original e-mail I had received detailing the promotion and I guess I have an unlimited amount, so both the checkbox / done-column methods should both be sustainable into the future. Regardless, is there a way to delete or remove all the items that have been marked as done without having to manually delete each one or delete the board?

Hey @smiklakhani, I’m glad you found my suggestions helpful. :slight_smile:

Regarding your next question, for now, it’s not possible to do bulk edits - which also includes item deletion. But ‘multiple select’ functionality is on our roadmap so you’ll be able to edit, move and delete your items in bulks. I can’t give you an exact ETA for that yet, but it should be developed in the next 2-3 months, when we finish our current priorities.

Good to hear! Thanks @Jovana!!

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