How many of you love simple tables (excel,google sheets) to be a part of infinity?

I’ve been testing your tables, it’s a great tool, but can be slightly improved.

The table now is “Build as you go” model, so each and every column has to be built based on our need.

It would be great to have the traditional table (like in excel, google sheets), as they are quick to work with. So when someone selects table, you could give 2 options – 1.) usual table 2.) custom table (this is your current one)

This way, users will be able to use infinity without the need to use google sheets in future.

Most of the times, I prefer to keep it simple and basic, also I believe many love the simplicity part… So it’s best to test it out with the beta users … cheers


Hey @imageslocker,

I guess you mean having ‘predefined’ columns and rows (items).

TBH, that’s a bit tricky, because of the whole work management / project management idea of inserting data(also customizing), AND since we offer ultimate flexibility as the part of the core values of our product.

However, I’ll try to ask our devs to see where we’re at with this suggestion. :slight_smile:

Thanks for putting up this topic! You rock.