How to delete a board?

Hi, I’m trying to delete 3 boards of a workspace that I share with another member, when I click the 3 dots, the only options that shows up are: Rename, Change Color and Duplicate, but it doesn’t appear the Delete option.

I’m not sure if this is a bug, why I can’t delete it?

Hey @airamddy.vr,

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You can’t delete the board because you’re not the workspace owner. It’s a sort of ‘introduction’ to the new, advanced permissions, so only workspace owners can delete the board from that specific workspace.

Maybe your team member is the owner?

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Oh, I see, that makes sense. I was confused because I created those 3 boards but I’m not the workspace owner.

I’ll contact with my team member.

Thank you! @coa

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This seems really terrible. I’m an admin and can’t delete boards? Why is this?

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The owners of the workspaces have the ability to set up permissions for the team members. One of the permissions is the ability to delete boards.

If you can’t delete boards at the moment, it’s because the workspace owner didn’t give you the permission to do so.

In case you need additional permissions, you would need to contact your workspace owner because they set the rules. :slight_smile:

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As the admin you can indeed grant yourself access to delete boards. You don’t need permission from the workspace owner if that is you. Just go to Settings/Permissions and check Delete Boards.

Some time back I warned them that they had set that option by default for all users, which clearly wasn’t a good idea. Turning it off for the admin was overkill but it may have saved new people a lot of grief so better safe than sorry.