How to get a Website-Link as an output of a formula?

Hi there,

Is there a possibility to show the output of a formula as a clickable link in an infinity table? I have a formula that combines the ID of an account in and combines it with a fixed string (URL) of a CRM. The formula does it perfectly but I cannot click on it because the field is set as a formula. This is very odd as otherwise I would have a direct jump off point from the infinity table to the CRM which is our single source of truth.

Any ideas how I can make the output of a formula clickable?


Hello @marc.maurer, welcome to the community! Since the formula is programmed to return only certain types of values - numbers, dates and text, the app doesn’t recognize the link as a link, but as a text. That’s why it’s not possible to click on it and interact with this as a link. Sorry to disappoint you. :confused:

Hi Jovana, thanks for the info, I thought this being the case. It’s quite unfortunate as (1) alternative tools (such as airtable) can do this and (2) it is quite straight-forward that a link can be clicked (after all, what is the added value of a link if you cannot click it?). It is a key thing that stops me from switching some stuff from airtable to your tool.

Hi @marc.maurer

Its only fair from our side to consider this as a proper feedback, and we thank you for it!

There are ideas, feedbacks, improvement suggestions - that we’ll consider when the improvement of our formulas come in place. We are definitely going to improve our formulas overall in the future and allow additional capabilities + introduce new attribute to them, so that you can potentially get a clickable link out of it and much more.

Thank you Marc once again!

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Hi @marko
Sorry didnt see your comment before. I know it is not always fair always to call out functions people see in other apps to have it hear as well. However, a clickable link from a formula is really a nice thing to have if you use infinity to jump to another app. So I look forward to consider it in the future… you guys developerd a great app so far.

Hi @marc.maurer :wave:

No worries, thank you for for your suggestion (it’s a good one btw, it will improve our existing formulas).
Internal suggestion was already made, once we finish developing automations our team will definitely discuss and go through the next set of improvements / features they want to bring to infinity :slight_smile:

Thank you for being so awesome, patient and understanding Marc, we really appreciate it! :pray: