How to import Excel or Google Sheets Data?

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Is it possible to import data directly from an Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet ?
We would like that each “row” is converted to an item, and each column to a attribute of that item.
Once imported, it will be easy to edit attribute names to refine the data.

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That’s not possible yet but it’s on the roadmap though. I’m waiting for this feature too.


Ok, thank you !

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Has there been any movement on this import from excel feature?

Hey @kimeul.griffith.pps,

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You can import data from .csv file to Infinity.

I’m not much of an Excel user, but it allows you to export your data easily in a .csv file, right?

Yes, Excel can export to .csv file types. I will seek out this function and try the import feature.


I was able to convert my Google sheet to csv and import it but I had a few issues.
For example, I was using an x in a column to denote a checkbox but couldn’t see how to make it an actual checkbox since it errored out. Same thing with website urls since I put a ? in the column.
What I really want to know is how to convert an entire column into something useful by changing the attribute from just text to a “website”. It seems silly to have to copy over hundreds of individual entries to a new column.
Why can’t I change the attributes to something useful when it appears to offer me the opportunity but just says “default”? How do I change the default to what I want?

Hey @leshenderson,

The thing is CSV import is indeed troublesome, and we’re in the process of defining the whole refactor of this feature.

I am so sorry about that.

Is it okay if you sent us/attached the csv file you’ve tried to upload to, so maybe we can try to map out the fields?

I’ve already created new columns and done the manual transfer. Luckily it was only 300 rows and I could filter them as needed.
It sure would be nice to be able to select multiple entries from one column and cut/paste to another. I could see no way to do so.

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