How to link an Item inside of another Item?

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Is it possible to link an Item inside another item as with Trello cards ?

That is to say, suppose I have an Item “A” and an Item “B” in the same folder or in a different folder of the same Board. I would like to know if possible to “insert” a kind of link in Item “A” that opens Item “B” and viceversa. In that way we could relate for example Tasks or Events which have each one its own set of attributes.

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Infinity has it on their roadmap to add in slash commands, so hopefully, you’ll be able to reference different items within the text when this is added. For right now, you can add the Reference attribute to your board and select an item(s) to link to. Below is one of my item cards referencing two other items in the same board.


Thank you so much Verónica for your quick help ! Very useful.


Glad that this was helpful. Also, welcome to the community! :smile:

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