How to migrate/duplicate boards through different workspaces?

Hi everyone,

I would like to migrate and/or duplicate boards through different workspaces not all belonging to me.

For example I developed a custom board for PM and want to use it across different teams/clients/workspaces. Or want to duplicate that board in a workspaces created by my business partners.

Now it isn’t possibile, isn’t it? I tried but saw an alert saying: “You can only move boards between your own workspaces.”
What can I do to solve this problem?


A workaround for now might be to export the board using csv. Then import it into the other workspace.
If you need it without all the items, duplicate first without items, create a test item to make the csv import/export work and go ahead.

Hi @fra and @micck!

Thank for the great response @micck, this is actually a good workaround for now. It takes a few steps more but it can work well.

Another way how it can be done is with our help. So if this is something you need occasionally, you can reach out to our support agents and tell us what you need, and we can arrange a solution. The solution is basically - creating a new workspace, moving that board to that workspace and then we can transfer the ownership of this workspace to the new owner who can then easily move the board.

It requires less effort from you and it’s relatively easy for us to accomplish. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Could you assign your “partner” to your board and have the partner to copy/move?

It would be a security risk to allow such operations to either parties without both workspace owners’ approval.

Hello @j11, of course - if you reach out to us to change the ownership of the workspace we would always need the confirmation of the new workspace owner. Basically, both workspace owners would need to approve they wish the transfer to happen.