How to paste in a screenshot?


Is there a custom field type I can use that will accept pasted images? Or is there some way to paste them into the comments? I’ve tried Cmd-V (on my Mac) but it doesn’t paste the image from the clipboard. I tried pasting into an Attachment too.


Hey @garyo,

You can upload your images using our ‘Attachments’ attribute/custom field, or paste a link to that specific image using ‘Link’ Attribute/Custom field.

So, there might be a bug if the Cmd-V (Paste) did not work… Could you try refreshing the page, and tying again? If it still doesn’t work, can you maybe provide us with a screenshot/video, please?

An awesome suggestion about putting images to the Comments. I’ll talk this through with our devs and see whether it would be possible in a short matter.

Thanks again, @garyo!


I tried it several times, no luck. Tried pasting into Attachments and Comments.

To be clear, I’m talking about pasting an actual image on the clipboard from a screenshot, not a link to a file or URL.
For example, on Mac use Cmd-Ctrl-Shift-4 and select an area to clip. (You’ll hear the “camera click” sound.) Now that image is in the Mac clipboard. You can then paste that into a document, or into slack or trello etc. – in Trello, you paste it into the comment field and it gets processed & saved as an attachment for instance.
But nothing happens when you paste into Infinity anywhere.
For a concrete example, here’s a paste into this forum - following the instructions above:

Hope that’s helpful!


Hey @garyo

Huh… Thanks for the clear brief.

I’ll check this functionality with our team.

But have you tried finding the source image file on your Mac, and uploading it to the ‘Attachments’ field?

Regarding sharing images via comments: Our team has thought this through, and will probably implement in the following weeks, once we focus more on Comments and Notifications features. :slight_smile:

Let us know if that worked for you :slight_smile:


1+ here.

I paste screen shots into trello all the time…it’s a big part of my process. I use texting apps and specialized accounting software and often use screen shots to document why were doing what we do and what we actually did.

It is a critical part of what we do. Being able to click on an item and hit cntl V is a big deal.



Hey @jmerante and @garyo,

Would you mind trying to paste screenshot into the ‘Text’ / ‘Long Text’ Attribute and get back to me with a result?

Sorry for the inconvenience caused!

I’ll talk this through with the dev team.

Thanks guys! You rock.


Sorry to say, I gave it a try and It didn’t seem to work.