I am facing several problems with STAR INFINITY

Hi the software meet almost all the expectations for my business, but I am facing problems with the data, sometimes when I summarize the number it does not give the right result, let me explain you an example.
6+6 is equal 12, now when you have 2 rows with is respective values like 6 and 6, now imagine another third row in negative -3, the result should be 9, and it gives a different value like 7. Now, this is just an example, but I can show you the right data if you guys can remote into my computer. The second problem, the program is not syncing right sometimes when having all my employees computer on. The third problem the web app consumes too much Memory ram and a computer with 8GB run very slow. I am wondering if you have a desktop app that I can test, I love your software, but this can be definitely a problem because I am putting my information on it. I am concerned that in anytime all my data could be corrupt, and I could lose everything, so I would also like to know if you plan to put an export option to save my data locally as a back up.

Hi @jakeharriss :wave:

Super glad to hear that, let’s focus on these problems that you are experiencing at the moment. :muscle:

So I went and tested this number issue you are experiencing - and I did not manage to replicate it.
I tried with wide variety of numbers - starting from a simple number 6 and going all the way up to thousands, I also used different formatting, but everything seemed just fine on my end. I would suggest reaching us over the live chat so that we can discuss this issue further and see what might be the problem here. (while in infinity, just click on the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen and you’ll be able to reach us)

Regarding your second problem, that shouldn’t be happening, we do have “real time syncing”, have you tried refreshing the page (ctrl + r or f5 ) and then seeing if all things start syncing properly?

When it comes to your computer and RAM memory that can be affected by so many factors, first one being your browser (any modern browser), because browser itself can “eat” a lot of your ram as soon as you open it, but it also depends on how many tabs you have open at the same time and other programs running in the background. I would suggest trying infinity with just one tab open in your browser and other programs closed to see if that is going to change anything.

For now we do not have a desktop app, but that will change in the future. Desktop app is a part of our roadmap and currently in the backlog stage, here’s where you can see that task.

Lets touch upon the data topic a little bit, I am fairly certain that everything is safe, we do backups twice a day with the ability to retrieve your data, besides that - you also have the ability to export your data yourself and save it locally. Here’s a short article that will help you with that.