I subscribed and now it's saying my subscription has expired?

Help! I need this for a meeting in three hours!

Hope it’s not too late.
You have to confirm each workspace to add it to your subscription.

I’m not sure. How would I check?

Which plan did you purchase? In case you have the one workspace plan you of course cannot mark a second workspace as subscribed. But what you can do, is to contact the chat support via the intercom bubble and ask them to transfer the boards from the expired workspace into the subscribed workspace.
In case you have purchased a multiple workspace plan, click on the “trial expired” which should open up a popup to confirm you want to activate that workspace.

Hi @ron.borden! If I can see correctly in our payment system, you have purchased our Team plan which comes with one workspace. Since you have subscribed one of them, unfortunately, you don’t have any more available slots so your other workspace says ‘trial expired’.

I hope this is not too late but please reach out to our chat support or send us an email at team@startinfinity.com to share your workspace ID which will help us extend the trial on this workspace so you can move the boards that you need to your subscribed workspace. (If you go to workspace settings the ID will be in the URL)

For future reference, if you need urgent help from us like in this situation, please reach out to our chat support, we offer almost 24/7 support there and would be able to help you much more quickly. :pray:

@ron.borden it may help to reframe your mindset with Infinity. This happens with many new users. Our intuition is different than the actual structure of Infinity.

The account level (what you see in your screen with multiple workspaces) is not part of the workflow process, it is merely the background. I.e. the account is not equal to your organization, it is the “town” where your organization lives and many organizations can be there if you build/add/pay for them.

The Workflow Structure:
The Workspace is the Company/Organization/Brand level.
The folders are the Department/Location/Project level.
The subfolders are the task lists/initiatives/databases
The records are the tasks/information/data points

Where you have “Vizzie Operations” is probably “The Vizzie Co.” And within that workspace are folders for “Vizzie Operations”, “Customers”, etc.

Alternatively, “Customers” might be a subfolder of “Vizzie Operations” if you will have customers segmented by department or location.

Hopefully that helps.