iCalendar: Sync Infinity with Other Calendars


Hey guys,

We have an update for you today!

Here’s what’s new:

#1 iCalendar Integration


Due to technical difficulties with Google Calendar and some users experiencing issues with syncing, we have decided to remove our GIF example from the post. Fear not: iCalendar still works, but the problem is that we are unable to control the frequency at which Google Calendar syncs data.

Hope you understand.

From now on you will be able to sync your Infinity calendars with other online calendars you are using - such as Google Calendar, MacOS and iOS Calendar, Outlook Calendar, etc. (those that support syncing via URL)

With this integration you will be able to keep track of all your events much more easily and get all the benefits of the calendars you are already using - such as reminders for due events.

Another great thing about this integration is that you will be syncing a specific tab/view. Which means that if you have filtered your data in the calendar, the filter will apply automatically to the external calendar and show only that specific data.

Read more about it HERE and check out a short gif of how this functionality works below.

#2 Choose Cover Attribute

We have also added another UX improvement. From now on, you can choose which of your attachments will be the cover of your items in a certain view. This works for the List and Columns view.

Just click on ‘Customize’ and, at the top, you will see the option to choose the cover attribute. From there you will be able to pick from the attachments you have in this folder.

Hope you find the updates useful.

Also, we’re cooking some cool new stuff for the following weeks so stay tuned! :wink:



I made some changes to my infinity calendar about 24 hours ago, and the changes still haven’t synced with my google calendar. I read above that you can’t control how often Google syncs info, but should it be taking this long?



Hi @chris.ballew, glad to have you here :pray:

When it comes to google calendar and syncing, yap, unfortunately - sometimes it takes up to 72h (for some users, for some even more), we really have no control over - it’s completely up to google calendar.

Our developers will dedicate more time to it in the future, to at least see what can be done and how it can be improved, but for now - it will unfortunately stay like that. :slightly_frowning_face:

If anything changes, I’ll personally come back to this thread and post about it in order to update everyone!

Thank you!