IFTTT integration


I. Like. This. App.
There are all kinds of automation/notification features that are already built in here. I would love to see integration with Infinity and IFTTT!



I second this. I’m mostly looking for a way to send tasks to Todoist and IFTTT has worked great for me with other applications. It seems like it would be a pretty cost effective way to allow for a ton of integrations without having to build out each one separately.

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Hey @BaiJie / @DataDyne,

Thanks for the suggestion!

IFTTT truly is amazing, and we’re aware of it.

However, we’ve just released a Beta/Test version of Zapier integration (Check this link for the test sign up), and we still need to gather the feedback from this specific feature/integration, improve it, finalize it, and see where we are proceeding with integrations with automation tools (such as Zapier/IFTTT, etc.).

Have you guys tried Zapier + Infinity so far? :slight_smile: What do you think?



I have used Zapier before but honestly completely forgot about it. I just tested out the integration with the link you provided and it seems to work perfectly for me. I remember having difficulty getting due dates to work with Trello before but I’m very happy to see that the due dates from Infinity were picked up by Zapier right away. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the reply.