Image upload in attachment field problems

I’ve tried this on different computers. When uploading images to an attachment field it works fine for single images. Mostly also for 2 or 3.

But dragging anything above that amount at the same time, let’s say 20 images. They first show as being uploaded, the progress numbers is visible. Then the thumbnails of uploaded images appear. After 2 seconds or so all disappear again except the first image in the cue. Doing it again, same thing happens. This happens 80% of the times I try uploading more than 2 or 3 images at the same time to an attachment field.

When I get this problem, I then upload them one by one…which always works. But obviously that is not the right way to do it.

Can you reproduce that?

Hey @scholvien,

Our devs have just fixed that issue :slight_smile:

It still needs to be reviewed and published, which will probably happen on Monday.