Import Ability to a Table with Data

Seems very limiting to not be able to import a CSV file for example again after the initial import has been done.

In case this isn’t clear, let’s say I have a table with 500 rows that I imported using the CSV option. Now I have another 100 rows of data I want to add to this same table. How do I do that?

Thank you.

Hey @davenelsonutah,

Unfortunately, you can’t import a CSV into an existing table. I understand that that is frustrating, but the plan is to refactor whole CSV import feature, and that’s one of our main priorities alongside performance/speed optimization and improvements for Q1.

At least I found out that I can’t do what I want to do.

I wonder though if it would be possible to save the Infinity file as csv and then combine it with new data from another sheet externally. I’m dumb when it comes to sheets but surely this is pretty common outside of Affinity.

You can export Infinity’s boards and folders into a csv file.

Not sure if it can be combined with another csv file/sheet in another program/app, but I can research about that and hopefully find out more about this issue :slight_smile:

It doesn’t appear that the comments data is saved during a CSV export. In my case that represents quite a bit of information I’d at least like to backup.

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I’ll make sure to check this with the team @leshenderson, and whether something broke, or it was meant that way.

Sorry for all the trouble, I’ll do my best to forward the team a suggestion to improve this.

Just in case my original recommendation isn’t clear, the suggesting is for importing. I get that importing from a CSV file can be done…but, what do I do when I want to import more data into that same table?

Thank you.

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Hey @davenelsonutah,

Yes, the current situation is that you cannot import multiple times into the same (existing) table.

We can’t change that quickly (for now), so I’m afraid manually typing in the data would be the solution.

Or if there’s a way to combine multiple csv files into a Google Sheet, and then exporting that complete/major Google Sheet to a csv file (and then import to Infinity).

Hello! is any progress made on this? Can we import CSV data multiple times into a table?

We have been working around this by importing the CSV into a New Folder, then moving all of the new items to the desired folder.

Hey @nihar.thammana :wave:

Welcome to the community, we are stoked to have you here :+1:

Yes, absolutely, you can import into an already existing folder, there is no need for you to apply that old workaround anymore :slight_smile:

Hover over the folder where you want to import your data, click on the 3 dots and select import from CSV, here’s a picture of that:


Hope that helps :v: