Import from AirTable

I would love at least a basic import from AirTable.

Hey @Infor,

Thanks for the suggestion and welcome to our Community Forum!

Airtable import is already in our Suggestion Log, and we’ll define the priority for it in the near future.

As we’ve had a lot of interest from the Airtable users, I believe this feature might be a big priority. :slight_smile:

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Has any progress been made here, this is my primary road block in moving my company over.

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Hey @robertgranholm!

Unfortunately, Airtable import won’t be due this summer, as I believe the decision to make more ‘import’ features from other tools won’t be until this summer or fall.

Have you tried CSV import perhaps? You can use it when u create a blank new folder in any of the boards.

I believe that could also help a lot. Don’t hesitate to ping me if u need any help!

Any progress on this?

I would like to know too.