Import in and out of existing projects?


I want to import some of your nice templates to a project. What’s more, I want to cope some folders from project A to project B. Possible? What about copying cross-workspace?




You can’t move folders across boards, for now.

However, you can move boards across workspaces where you’re the owner.

In your specific case, I highly suggest loading the template to a folder (you’ll have the icon to start from template once you click on the “new folder”, in the new folder settings). Of course, that’s the case if you haven’t changed any data so far.

Hope that was helpful. Let me know of your progress!



I didn’t realize you could make a new folder from a template. That is helpful.

Is moving folders across boards something that’s in the plans, or no? The only use case I can think of right now is if you set up a folder just how you want it and realize that it’s not in the right board. lol

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Hey @micheal, we’re planning to build such a feature, yeah (referring to moving folders across boards).

Something like duplicate a folder (a feature which already exists) -> move to another board would be amazing!



hi guys, any news about folder duplicating and copying to another board or organization?

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That would be great but unfortunately it isn’t possible yet. I use CSV export/import as a workaround. The team has told that Q1 they are spending on bug fixing and performance improvement, so I guess new fetures have to wait until April.

And welcome to our Cimmunity @daniavorszky! :slight_smile:

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Hey @daniavorszky

Welcome to our Community Forum, and thanks for the suggetion.

@man is right. (Thanks, by the way)

We’ve actually developed this feature (Move Folder to Boards and Move Boards to Folders), but it didn’t pass through final approval from our CTO and we’ll probably have to do it from scratch.

We’re going to jump on it as soon as we have a little less work on performances.




How can one import after the data has been changed in the folder? I would expect to be able to import and append to the other records that already exist or overwrite all existing records with the new set of data.

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Unfortunately, this is still not available, but we’re working on including that functionality into our CSV import feature.

Thanks for the understanding and patience, this has been requested a lot in the past months :slight_smile:



This is critical for your customer onboarding process. They will hit these difficulties right at the start of using infinity while they attempt to migrate existing data into infinity.

“How do you want your user experience to unfold?”



@coa It looks like this feature has been rolled out, according to the roadmap. But I’m not sure how to do it. Also, what is the best way to learn the basic how-to’s of new features?