Importing tasks to an existing table

Is there a way to import a large number of tasks to the table (folder) by spreadsheet? I recieve my teams assignments (50-100) each week and need to bulk import them to our folder…if i have to input them manually each week…this will not work for us.

Yes, you can import a CSV file, so save the spreadsheet as a CSV and import.

Create a folder on your board called IMPORT, and bring them in there, then adjust any formatting thats required, then just move into the live folders.

They will pick up any attributes on the live folder, just select DONT MERGE if given the option when moving.

By bringing into a separate folder, any error or anything, easier to mop up as in its own isolated bubble.

Hello everyone @melissa.savage and @stephen.addis :wave:

What @stephen.addis mentioned above is correct, you can import your data as long as you have the CSV file of it. One process might be a bit time consuming and that’s mapping all the attributes with the correct data - but once you get a hang of it, it should go smoothly.

I’ll also mention that you can import into an already existing folder, so once you get all your attributes and data configured, you’ll be able to keep updating into the same folder and just map the fields required.

Hope that helps :pray: